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43 Things you didn't about your Sneakers!

One of the earliest references to "sneaks" appears in James Greenwood's 1873 account of London life, 'In Strange Company.'

Nike Inc.'s finances have never been in the red.

A.G. Spalding made the first basketball shoe, around 1900.

Goodyear, a division of the U.S. Rubber Company, is the original manufacturer of Keds.

Samuel L. Jackson and Eric Clapton are celebrity fans of Hiroki Nakamura's exclusive Japanese sneaker brand VISVIM.

Oakley designed sneakers for the U.S. Special Forces.

Jerry Seinfeld owns over 500 pairs of mint condition white sneakers.

By dividing the model number by 10, you can determine the approximate retail price of a New Balance sneaker. (i.e. NB574=$57.40)

The Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to use air technology when it debuted in 1982.

The Air Max 1, which debuted in '87, was the first Nike to expose the air bubble.

In 1985, the NBA banned the red and black Air Jordan Is because they were "too colorful," and fined Jordan for wearing them. The move spawned the marketing campaign "Banned By The NBA."

The Nike waffle sole was originally called the "nipple sole" by its inventor, Bill Bowerman.

In 2002, the Jordan XVII retailed for $200 and was the most expensive sneaker ever at retail.

William Riley, founder of the New Balance Arch Company in 1906, based early designs on chicken's feet.

New Balance makes up to six different widths—from 2A to 6E.

After realizing that they wear the same size, Steven Malkmus of Pavement once traded a pair of sneakers with Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz.

Skater Stevie Williams was first signed to DC shoes, but now skates in his own line of Reebok DGK models. "DGK" stands for William's group of friends, who went by the name "Dirty Ghetto Kids."

Reebok signed Allen Iverson to a lifetime contract on November 28, 2001. A.I. gets a reported $7 million a year from the company.

The letters D and C are the 4th and 3rd letters in the alphabet, and many of the details on DC's shoes are based either on 3s, 4s, or the combination of the two, 7.

Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. clothing line makes sneakers through Royal Elastics for both women, and, believe it or not, men. That shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

K-Swiss's five-stripe design is utilitarian; it helps prevent stretching.

Marc Jacobs bases the designs of the Louis Vuitton sneakers on "ordinary occurrences and everyday anecdotes." You couldn't tell?

23 to 43 Things

Submitted by
Daniel Craig 'James Bond' (21), Takoma Park, Maryland

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