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Coincidences between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

abraham lincoln was elected to congress in 1846
john f. kennedy was elected to congress in 1946

abraham lincoln was elected president in 1860
john f. kennedy was elected president in 1960

the names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.
both were particularly concerned with civil rights
both wives lost their children while living at the white house

both presidents were shot on a friday
both presidents were shot in the head

lincoln's secretary was named kennedy
kennedy's secretary was named lincoln

both were succeeded by southerners named johnson
andrew johnson, who succeeded lincoln, was born in 1808
lyndon johnson, who succeeded kennedy, was born in 1908
john wilkes, booth who assassinated lincoln, was born in 1839
lee harvey oswald, who assassinated kennedy, was born in 1939
both assassins were known by their three names
both names are composed of fifteen letters

lincoln was shot at the theater named 'ford.'
kennedy was shot in a car called 'lincon.' (which is a ford)
booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse
oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater
booth and oswald were assassinated before their trials

and heres the kicker..
a week before lincoln was shot, he was in monroe, maryland
a week before kennedy was shot, he was with marilyn monroe

Submitted by Kristin (), U.S.A.

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Lincoln was born in 1809; Kennedy in 1917.

Lincoln's secretary was not named Kennedy. His name was John Nicolay. And although Kennedy's secretary was named Evelyn Lincoln, Lincoln is hardly an uncommon name.

Lincoln grew up poor; Kennedy was rich.

Lincoln was a Republican; Kennedy a Democrat.

Kennedy was a Catholic; Lincoln a Deist.

Kennedy personally served in a war; Lincoln did not.

John Wilkes Booth was from Maryland. This hardly makes him a Southerner.

John Wilkes Booth was born in 1838, not 1839.

Both assassins were not "known by their three names." This is a construct of historians. It's not like Booth was commonly called "John Wilkes" by his friends, and as far as I can tell, Oswald didn't go by "Lee Harvey." Historians often refer to famous people and infamous people by three names (if they have three names). Examples: John Quincy Adams; William Henry Harrison; William Howard Taft; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Dwight David Eisenhower; John Fitzgerald Kennedy; Lyndon Baines Johnson -- and I bet that, as time goes on, the current president will come to be referred to by historians as George Walker Bush, to distinguish him from his father (sounds better in a history book that way, as opposed to George W.). Other examples come from non-presidents -- Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, I don't want to spend all day thinking these up, but you get the point.

Although Booth did "run from a theater," it was a live theater, while Oswald was caught in a movie theater. More glaringly, Booth was not caught in a "warehouse." He was killed while cavalry officers attempted to capture him, while he was hiding out in a barn. Moreover, Oswald shot Kennedy, who was in the open air (Lincoln was not), from a public school book depository where he worked (which I'm not sure qualifies as a "warehouse").

Booth was not assassinated, he was killed while cavalry officers attempted to apprehend him. (An officer fired at Booth's arm in order to disarm him, but Booth moved at the same time and was killed.) Oswald was assassinated, but by a nightclub owner (Jack Ruby), someone completely unrelated to the government (unless you believe the conspiracy theories, but then that casts doubt on whether Oswald killed Kennedy, in any event).

Kennedy most definitely was not with Marilyn Monroe a week before he was assassinated. Monroe died more than a year before Kennedy was shot. Moreover, I have my doubts about whether Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland one week before he was shot. Five days before he was shot, General Lee surrendered to General Grant (in Virginia). I would be surprised if Lincoln, while busy with events surrounding the surrender of Lee and the end of the Civil War, would take the time to visit a small community in the "panhandle" of Maryland (keeping in mind that, by the travel methods of the day, it would have been a significant, several-day trip, not a few hours drive as it would be today).

Although Lincoln was shot on a Friday, he died on a Saturday. Kennedy, on the other hand, died almost immediatly.

It is not surprising that would-be assassins aim for the head. Besides, Lincoln was shot with a pistol, while Kennedy was shot with a rifle.

Lincoln had THREE children who died young (one while Lincoln was in office). Kennedy had only ONE child who died young (which occurred while Kennedy was in office) and another who was stillborn (which was before Kennedy became President), for a total of TWO.

Kennedy did not lose his mother in childhood, but Lincoln did.

As for their Congressional terms, Lincoln was indeed elected to the House in 1846. However, he served only one term of two years, and never again served in the U.S. Congress. Moreover, he was defeated twice in election bids to the U.S. Senate. Kennedy, however, remained in Congress from 1946 (technically he took office in early January 1947) until he was inaugurated as President, including two successful elections to the Senate (elected to House in 1946, 1948 and 1950; elected to Senate in 1952 and 1958), and Kennedy never lost an election.

Lincoln served as President for over four years (he was just into his second term when he was shot). Kennedy served less then 3 years.

Related to this, Andrew Johnson only served out the term to which Lincoln was elected. Lyndon Johnson served out Kennedy's term, then was elected to another full term.

Also, Andrew Johnson was impeached (but not removed from office). Lyndon Johnson was never impeached, nor was it ever suggested that he should be.

Lincoln was born in Kentucky (South) and grew up in Illinois (Midwest); Kennedy was from Massachusetts (NE).

Lincoln practiced law for a long period of time before becoming president; Kennedy never formally practiced law.

Lincoln's brother was never assassinated and never served as Attorney General, as did Kennedy's brother (Bobby). And Lincoln didn't have another brother who was a long-time Senator, as is Kennedy's other brother (Teddy).

Lincoln successfully presided over the North during the Civil War. Kennedy's only involvement in armed conflict as a President was a disaster -- the Bay of Pigs.

Kennedy famously had at least one mistress, and probably many more. As far as history tells, Lincoln had no mistresses (and it's not a matter of it being further back in time; we know that Jefferson fathered children by a slave; we know that Benjamin Franklin was a chronic womanizer (as defined today); etc.).

And the list could go on and on....

Submitted by Kevin Smith (),

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