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What can I take to ease daily stress?
The Herb used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine (from Asia), Gotu Kola, has shown in clinical studies to ease stress response.
Take 1tsp. of a 1:5 Gotu Kola Tincture three times a day. It's also used to ease pain and strengthen mind and memory.

Submitted by Dr U K Singh (48), Padeatrician (Child Specialist)

Fishy Hands!
How can I remove fish odour from my hands?
Wash your hands with an inch-long glob of white flouride toothpaste and the fishy dour will disappear.

Submitted by Elmond (34),

Is it safe for a person to use cholesterol-blocking spreads?
Stay away from hydrogenated oils. Butirtion experts agree that spreads containing phytosterols are safe. The only caveat is that they should not be used by pregnant women or children.

Submitted by Dr U K Singh (48), Padeatrician (Child Specialist)

Obese Life!
Can obesity affect my life expectancy?
A new study shws that being obese during adulthood decreases lifespan by 3 yeas.
Obesity is defined as having a body mass index oof 30 or above. Obesity risks are similar to smoking risks.

Submitted by James Clooney (32), USA.

Bad Breath!
What's a natural way to help eliminate bad breath?
Try green tea. The Catechins in green tea kill the germs and sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.

Submitted by Dennis Gilchrist (24), Mobile

Interesting Body!
About 3000 years ago, most Egyptians died by the time they were 30!
Sneezes travel out of your mouth at over 100mph!
You blink about 84,000,000 times a year!

Submitted by Karls Jordan (39), U.S.A.

Bananas over Apple!
Apples are more efficient than caffeine in keeping people awake in the mornings!
Smelling bananas and/or green apples (smelling, not eating) can help you lose weight!

Submitted by Jimmy Chi Liang (16), China

How can one improve good (HDL) cholesterol level by diet?
Eat 'lazy carbs', carbohydrates that release their sugar into your bloodstream slowly. A study group that ate more lazy carbs, called low glycemic index foods, had 8% higher levels of good cholesterol than those who ate more fast-release carbs.
Lazy carbs include yogurt, beans, peanuts and dried apples.

Submitted by Shelly Schulz (), Honolulu, Hawaii

What are the after-effects of a Tia?
A Tia or 'mini-stroke' is a temporary condition that usually lasts less than an hour and leaves no permanent damage. But a Tia should be heeded as a warning.
About 1/3rd of those who suffer a Tia have a stroke within 5 years.

Submitted by Jimmy 'Jim' Carrey (22), New York

Can Acupuncture improve chances of getting Pregnant?
Maybe. German women taking fertility treatments were 50% more successful at conceiving if they had acupuncture.

Submitted by Mah Chyang Li (), Tokyo, Japan

How much do cigarettes shorten your life?
Its' reported that based on Life Expectancies, each cigarette you smoke Shortens your life by 11 Minutes.

Submitted by Tanya Pollock (), South Africa

Does taking a vacation every year have any long-term effects oon your health?
Yes. A recent study indicates that those who take an annual vacation have less heart disease and a lower mortality rate.

Submitted by Marcos Clooney (26),

How important is flossing in addition to brushing your teeth?
Very much. There are about 500 species of bacteria living in your mouth that form plaque on your teeth. Plaque is best removed by daily flossing.

Submitted by Marcos Clooney (26),

What are a woman's risks for breast cancer?
By Age 35 - One in 622; By age 45 - One in 93;
By age 55 - One in 33; By age 65 - One in 17;
By age 75 - One in 11; By age 85 - One in Nine;
By age 90 to 95 - One in Eight.

Submitted by Ashish Patel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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