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40 Unique Creative Ideas for Date!

Have you ever tried to think of a cool date to take your girlfriend or wife on? Have you ever wanted to impress your girl with a thoughtful date or gift? Are you a hopeless romantic? Well, here is a little help from a guy who has compiled a list of creative ideas. This list is formally known as “The List”, but has been released to help all you gentlemen out. So read on an enjoy!!

1. - Take her down to the beach during a full moon and bring a small tape player and ask her to dance while playing the song “Dancing in the moonlight”.

2 - Go to pizza , but before you arrive, call them early and order a pizza shaped like a heart, pretend you don’t know how that happened.

3 - Have her over for dinner and come to a consensus on what she wants cooked for her (give her some options). Then tell that you will cook the dinner, but she has to bring a movie for afterwards. Surprise her with a favorite dessert. Don’t forget the chef’s jacket and setting a nice table.

4 - Bring her flowers and dinner when she is sick.

5 - Take ballroom dancing lessons together. Learn a routine together. Most Romantic: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango.

6 - Plan a night together giving her little clue for each next event (Do it in a creative way) EXAMPLE Ask waiter to write a clue on the tab and pretend to be surprised and give her the note. Hide a note in the Geocache let her find it. Have a friend deliver a text message to her with a clue.

7 - Go to a Theatrical love story and then go somewhere private and take lines from a love story and speak them to each other while acting out **Pick a section of script which is HOT!!

8 - Drive to the top of a hill to watch the sunset while having a picnic dinner. Pack Italian food and a blanket. Tell her to go setup the blank and sit down while you get the food. While grabbing the food, put the song “That’s Amore” on your CD player and walk over to the blanket in a goofy slick kind of way.

9 - Drive to a hillside and watch the stars. Make sure to bring a blanket and hot chocolate.

10 - Send her flowers on a random day letting her know that you are thinking of her.

11 - Get her under missile toe and act surprised.

12 - Invite her over, but before she arrives leave a note on the door for her to come in. When she comes in let her wonder were you are for a little and then come out singing a song to her with a shampoo bottle as the mic (My Girl).

13 - Call up the Delilah radio show and request a song for her. Make sure and record it, then play it back for her before a planned date. Even better would be to have her listen to it live, but the timing is hard.

14 - Take her to the park and feed the ducks.

15 - Go to the beach and fly a kite.

16 - While at a restaurant with cloth napkins, fold napkins while waiting. Make a heart.

17 - Go to a drive in movie theatre, bring lawn chairs, blanket, pizza, etc. Pick a chick flick that gets the romantic spirit going.

18 - Find a Hot Springs Spa and rent a tub for an hour, bring some wine, bring tea candles and pretend that you don’t know how candles got in the bag. Light them around the tub to set the mood. Bring some meditation type music if you want.

19 - Sing in the church choir together.

20 - Drive up highway one stopping at every lighthouse to take a picture with together and then create a photo album.

21 - Go Christmas shopping together.

22 - Visit some natural hot spring (by Mammoth Lakes) after a hard days hike, if dark, don’t be afraid to take some clothing off, it makes things indirectly suggestive since it is kind of normal anyways at a hot springs (YOU KNOW BOTH OF YOU WANT TO). Or just go to any local hot springs. Great place for any occasion.

23 - Go to Anaheim, have dinner and then afterwards go to Disneyland and get shopper’s passes to enjoy the rides for 1 hour. If you choose to, you could cuddle on a ride such as small world or pirate of Caribbean (dark). You also might be able to go twice if you pick a ride that isn’t as popular.

24 - Go to Dinner and then Ice Skating at your favorite place.

25 - Go Skydiving! Make the challenge to have the highest kiss for both of you, if allowed by instructors.

26 - On her birthday, send her multiple happy birthdays. Text Message, Flowers, Notes, Lunch, Dinner.

27 - Rent and Ride a tandem bike.

28 - Kidnap your girl before sunrise and only let them put on shoes (or slippers!) assuming they have pajamas on. Take them to watch the sunrise and then go to breakfast.

29 - Use $2 bill to tip with or to pay with telling her that she is special and that you even want to pay in a special way.

30 - Throw a surprise birthday theme party.

31 - Make a bet with her that she can’t loose and bet her a dinner night and then make a bet again that you can’t loose (Ex. Brandy Glass and olive trick, bet her you can get the olive in the glass without touching it) Read about bets you can’t loose on the internet or Bet her that she will have a great night and if you win she owes you a big kiss.

32 - Go on a Saturday to get a pedicure together (cupples day out in favor of what women like).

33 - Send a card that has a mirror on the inside. Tell her to open card to see into your heart.

34 - Take a trip to the beach or lake and have a picnic by the water. Afterwards, take a long walk along the shore. When the sun starts to set, throw down a blanket and watch it as you’re sitting side by side. Hot CHOCOLATE!!

35 - Plan a surprise date. Instruct them to show up at your house dressed to impress at a certain time. Greet them at the door in your classiest outfit. Have food from their favorite restaurant (order takeout) on the dining room table. Have your living room set up as a dance floor with candles all around. Have your favorite love songs playing in the background.

36 - A treasure hunt with you as the treasure. Tell your sweetie to meet you at a pre-arranged location (but don’t tell them what they’re about to do). When they get there…have a letter or note waiting for them that explains the treasure hunt. Give them directions that lead to the next clue. Do this about 4-5 times. Leave lollipops and chocolate kisses and gifts at each location. When they finally get to you, be waiting with a rose. After this…take them out to dinner or lunch at their favorite restaurant.

37 - Make a photo album of yourselves. Get all decked out in your best clothes and go to your town’s landmarks and have passersby take your picture. Get the film developed in double exposures at a one hour photolab. Take the pictures and make his and hers photo albums.

38 - Prior to a date…stake out a nice secluded location near a park, beach, lake, rose garden, or “special place”…and leave a single stem rose along with a letter telling your sweetie how much they mean to you. After you’re done with dinner, take your date to the special place where the rose and letter are. Let them stumble upon it.

39 - On Valentines day, Send her a valentines letter, but first send it to Loveland, CO a week or so before having them stamp is with a special valentines saying, then they will remail it to the proper address. (Search on the internet about Loveland, CO Valentine Program) It is awesome, makes a woman melt. I know from experience!!!

40 - Dance the waltz at a wedding to the song “When I said I do” – Clint Black.

Submitted by Adam Sandler (26), Oklahama, USA

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