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108 Names of Durga Puja

DurgaThe Inaccessible
DeviThe Diety
TribhuvaneshwariGoddess of The Three Worlds
Yashodagarba SambhootaEmerging From Yashoda's Womb
NarayanavarapriyaFond of Narayana's Boons
NandagopakulajataDaughter Of The Nandagopa Race
KulavardhiniDeveloper Of The Race
KamsavidravanakariThreatened Kamsa
AsurakshayamkariReducer Of The Number Of Demons
Shilathata VinikshibdaAt Birth,Slammed By Kamsa
AkashagaminiFlew In The Sky
VasudevabhaginiSister Of Vasudeva
Divamalya VibhooshitaAdorned With Beautiful Garlands
DivyambaradharaBeautifully Robed
Khadgaketaka DhariniHolder Of Sword And Shield
PapadhariniBearer Of Others' Sins
VaradaGranter Of Boons
KrishnaSister Of Krishna
KumariYoung Girl
BrahmachariniSeeker Of Brahman
BalarkasadrushakaraLike The Rising Sun
Purnachandra NibhananaBeautiful Like The Full Moon
Peenashroni PayodharaLarge Bosomed
Mayoora PichhavalayaWearer Of Peacock-Feathered Bangles
KeyurangadadhariniBejewelled With Armlets And Bracelets
KrishnachhavisamaLike Krishna's Radiance
SankarshanasamananaEqual To Sankarshana
Indradhwaja SamabahudhariniWith Shoulders Like Indra's Flag
KanttadharaHolder of Shiva's Neck
PashadhariniHolder Of Rope
DhanurdhariniHolder Of Bow
MahachakradhariniHolder Of Chakra
VividayudhadharaBearer Of Various Weapons
Kundalapurnakarna VibhooshitaWearer Of Earrings Covering The Ears
ChandravispardimukhaBeautiful Like The Moon
MukutavirajitaShining With Crown Adorned
Shikhipichhadwaja VirajitaHaving Peacock-Feathered Flag
KaumaravratadharaObserver Of Fasts Like Young Girls Do
TridivabhavayirtriGoddess Of The Three Worlds
TridashapujitaThe Goddess Of The Celestials
TrailokyarakshiniProtector Of The Three Worlds
MahishasuranashiniDestroyer Of Mahisha
SurashreshttaSupreme Among The Celestials
ShivaShiva's Half
SangramajayapradaGranter Of Victory In The War
Vindhyavasini`Resident Of The Vindhyas
KaliGoddess Of Death
MahakaliWife Of Mahakala
SeedupriyaFond Of Drinks
MamsapriyaFond Of Flesh
PashupriyaFond Of All Beings
BhootanushrutaWell-Wisher Of Bhootaganas
KamachariniActing On One's Own Accord
PapahariniDestroyer Of Sins
HriHoly Chant Of Hymns
SantatiGranter Of Issues
JyotsanaRadiant Like Flames
KhamaEmbodiment Of Forgiveness
BandhananashiniDetacher Of Attachments
MohanashiniDestroyer Of Desires
PutrapamrityunashiniSustainer Of Son's Untimely Death
DhanakshayanashiniController Of Wealth Decrease
VyadhinashiniVanquisher Of Ailments
MruthyunashiniDestroyer Of Death
BhayanashiniRemover Of Fear
PadmapatrakshiEyes Like The Lotus Leaf
DurgaRemover Of Distress
SharanyaGranter Of Refuge
BhaktavatsalaLover Of Devotees
SaukhyadaBestower Of Well-Being
ArogyadaGranter Of Good Health
RajyadaBestower Of Kingdom
AyurdaGranter Of Longevity
VapurdaGranter Of Beautiful Appearance
SutadaGranter Of Issues
PravasarakshikaProtector Of Travellers
NagararakshikaProtector Of Land
SangramarakshikaProtector Of Wars
Shatrusankata RakshikaProtector From Distress Caused By Foes
Ataviduhkhandhara RakshikaProtector From Ignorance And Distress
SagaragirirakshikaProtector Of Seas And Hills
Sarvakaryasiddhi PradayikaGranter Of Success In All Attempts
DurgaDeity Durga
Submitted by Shurbhi Dutt (22), Dasnagar, India

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