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A New Romeo & Juliet!

Mr.Rossland: here he is
Curt:lets hope hes cooler then his dad (makes a face everyone laughs)
            (the door opens and in walks Evan)
Evan: hello you all know who I am Iím here to help you with your play
Erica: I thought heíd be older he looks like 20 in most of his movies
Dot: Hello Evan my name is   Dot lee Miran , Iím your biggest fan I love you so much!!!
Miss. Sweetart: now Dot you behave, now were going to get the guys to try out first for the part of Romeo lets have marc cool try out first you will go into an other room with me and Mr. Rossland and Evan will stay out here with you people (marc and the teachers leave)
Rex: hey  Evan how old r u
Evan: close to your guyís age Iím 15
Dot:Iím 14 and avalible
Rosi: to bad hes not (giggles) for you   ( a bunch of people laugh)
Daril: hey what were you saying tricksy
Tricksy will you go out with ÖÖÖÖ
Mr.R: can I have curt please (curt walks to the room and marc glars at him as he walks out)
Erica: hey why donít you guys sit over here
Tricksy:ya then Julia can ask him her self and they canÖ.
Rex: yo you guys Evan Rís 15 and hes just asked Julia out
Jr: really he did and she said yes!!!!!
Dot: my best friend is going out with a famous movie star my famous movie star how dare she I hate her!!
Daril: oh no curt really likes her and if finds out then it will be bye bye curt hello party pooper
Rosi: what thers a party!! When
Luck you never knew about it you really r clueless
Rosi: donít hate me cuz Iím buttifule
(Evan and Julia walk into the room the same time as curt comes out)
Evan: so these r youír friends
Julia: yup I have more
Evan: what one is your best friend
Julia: well Dot and Daril is my brother
Evan: awesome nice to meet you (shacks Dots hand)
Dot: o my god he touched me Iím never going to wash my hand agin
Evan: and its nice to meet my girl friends group but shes coming with me tonight just so u know
            (everyone gets quite you see the clock and its hand moves fast then Miss. Sweetart comes out of the room)
Miss. S: all right thank you all for coming and I will see you tomorrow can Julia curt marc Evan and Dot stay back for a moment (kids traple out the door)
Mr. R: weíve decided that thers a tie for Romeo and Juliet and weíve also decided that if and only if Evan wants to   then he can try out to be Romeo to so what do u say
Evan: well of course you know I canít turn down an offer like this (smiles and winks at Julia)
Miss. S; all righty then lets hear curt first say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Curt:a rose bye any other name would smell as sweet
Mr. R:very good curt, Julia you say betracy my father and denigy my name
Julia: Betray my father and denigy my name
Miss:s:well that was lovely now marc say the sun is the west  and Juliet is the east
Marc: uh you lost me Iím outa here
Mr.R:now my son say my love for you fare Juliet is as clear as the morning sky
Evan:my love for you fare Juliet (takes julias hand and kisses it) is as clear as the morning sky
Mr.R:I think weíve found our Romeo and Juliet
Dot: but I never said anything
Mr.R:well see you tomorrow and Evan were r u going
Evan: Iím going to walk Juliet home and at 7:00 Iím going to a movie with the madine (Julia blushes)
Mr.R: yes all right (they walk out the door)
Julia:wow Iíve never been a lead in a play before and with you who woulda thought Iíd be the girlfriend of the hottest guy on tv
Evan: well dinít be to suprized if I hadnít come you woulda probly be going out with that curt guy
Julia: what do u mean
Evan: I hear your friends talking and they said that he liked you
Julia: o ok I thought you ment.. never mind well tthis is my house
Evan: ok see ya at 7 (hugged her)
Julia: yup bye (walks in the door) mom Iím home (noone answers theres a note on the table picks it up and reads it) gone to the city be back around 1 love mommy and daddy and scotter, ya go to the citty with out me o well I should call Dot I guess
(phone rings)
Julia: hello
Dot hey thief
Julia: what
Dot: Evan was mine!!!
Julia: oooo Dot you can have curt I know u like him
Dot: shut up
Curt: hey
Julia: opps hey curt 3-way
Silveia: nope 6 way
Julia:whos all here
Dot: curt silvia me luck jingles you and Erica but she doesnít really count cuz shes on there other phone
Julia: o k, hey Iín gona be juliett and Evan is gona be romeo isnít that cool (no answer then a big long beep) what did I say (the dog starts barking) ok dingo Iíll take you for a walk (they go out side and walk around)
Marck:Yo Julia congerts on your part
Rex: ya itís pretty cool hey
continue...Page 3..

Author: Ashleigh, Canada

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