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5 Great Ideas for a First Date

Nothing captures the zeitgeist of the age better than the pretenses young people labor through as a precursor to casual sex. You however, are likely uninterested in how your quest for poon typifies a slice of that greater context we call the arc of human civilization.
But thatís neither here nor there. You have a female. She has, quite mistakenly, agreed to a preliminary outing with you. In this short time of innocuous good natured fun and cumbersome double entendres you must prove several things. First, that you arenít a psycho. Second, that you arenít a jerk. Third, that you donít smell.
The setting of the date should facilitate these goals. It should also be easy on the wallet, because bitches are easier to find than ATMís.
Live on young man, live on.

The game is a great place to have a first date for many reasons. On a first date, the primary focus of the date is to learn as much as possible about the person via conversation. There are nine innings in a baseball game - plenty of time to converse, and if the conversation continues smoothly, food and beverages are at your disposal.
There is also the 7th inning stretch, at which point you pretend to yawn, and stretch your arms out, and grope your dates breasts 'by mistake.'
That ought to seal the deal.

City Park
Surprise your date with a picnic of wine and sandwiches. You can take a healthy slow stroll until you guys can agree on that perfect spot to relax. Then it is just the two of you. It is public and safe but private and close at the same time. Enjoy the opportunity to learn all about your new friend without the distractions of club music or a noisy barroom. When the time and atmosphere are just right, move in for the kill.

Miniature Golf
It sounds ridiculously hokey, but one of those miniature golf amusement centers is a great first date. You have plenty of distractions to keep occupied with if the conversation is not sparkling and usually a nice little snack bar area to hang out and chat if it is.
There are plenty of opportunities to compete in silly games. This is very important. The art of losing while appearing to try is crucial for a good first date. You can usually plan this type of date for early afternoon, allowing yourself the freedom to continue the date further over a nice quiet dinner if everything goes well or the chance to ditch the windbag and have fun with friends if it does not.

Cook a Meal
But first, go to the store and shop for the ingredients and decide on it together. If the line's long, great. More talk time. Then cook it together. Then eat it together. Then clean up the kitchen and dishes together. Then make out. Hopefully. You'll both have a good idea of what kind of couple you make.

Find one of these places where you can make your own artwork. Many places already supply the clay pieces for you and all you do is paint, however if you're really daring, you can uncover a place where you mold your own.
This is good because it makes you look sensitive and multi-layered. Women love artistic men, sometimes. Also, if you are destroying her in creativity, it will make you look excellent and deft at your craft. If she is blasting you out of the water, it is a fantastic way to lay on the compliments. Employ the word "abstract" into your conversations at least once.

Submitted by Copyright © 2003 Rush Staff (), Rush

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