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23 in. x 35 in.
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Nonsense Love Sayari Humuor Sms Shayaris
Mast Mast Shayari
Draupadi ka vastraharan
dushasan ko pada bhari
Draupadi ka vastraharan
dushasan ko pada bhari
saari mein saari
parag saari !!!

Joron ki baarish
makes u wonder...
zoron ki baarish
makes u wonder...
is this what they call..
taste the thunder!!!

Manoj named Kapil,
Paaji was very brave
Manoj named Kapil,
Paaji was very brave
palmolive da jawab nahi
boy he had a close shave!!!

Har taraf tera jalwa
har taraf tera jalwa
from VT to churchgate
from Dadar to Kalva!!!

Jab tota hua dirty
tote se boli myna
Jab tota hua dirty
tote se boli myna
don't u worry
surf excel hai na!!!

Prabhakar ki kahani
wonder ki baat hai,
Prabhakar ki kahani
wonder ki baat hai,
sach kya hai
yeh to andar ki baat hai!!!

Chachundar ke sar pe chemeli ka phool
Chachundar ke sar pe chemeli ka phool
Utterly butterly delicious Amul!!

contributed by Tushar Vedpathak (),

EOT exit; } if ( 2 == 1-- ) { print <<"EOT";

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