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Hot Drinks : Coffee

Coffee Recipe: Irish Italian Royale Calypso Mexican Carribean Coffee Recipes Irish Coffee

50 ml Irish Whiskey
200 ml Black Coffee
2 scoops sweet double Cream/Vanilla ice cream
2 1/2 tsp Brown Sugar

Over a low flame, place a non-stick pan and caramelise the brown sugar.
Rim the Irish Coffee glass or Brandy Balloon by placing it upside down on the pan and gently turn it in one direction till the melted sugar holds on to the lip of the glass. Remove the glass and keep aside.
Add coffee and whiskey to the melted sugar in the pan and bring it to a boil. Transfer the liquid into the sugar-rimmed glass and float sweetened Double Cream or semi liquified Vanilla ice cream.
Garnish wih chocolate flakes or a pinch of coffee powder.
Serve on a side plate with a teaspoon.

Several other after dinner coffee combinations which can be made by simply replacing the whiskey in the Irish Coffee recipe.

  • Royale Coffee - with Cognac.
  • Italian Coffee - with Strega.
  • Calypso Coffee - with Tia Maria.
  • Mexican Coffee - with Kahlua.
  • Caribbean Coffee - with Rum.

  • Recipe by Teri Harrison, Mixologist / Bartender
    Submitted by Jennifer Walcott (25), Homers', Connecticut

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