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It's hard to be optimistic with a Misty Optic
Submitted by Maverick (),

"When your arguing with an idiot make sure the other person isn't doing the same thing!"
Contributed by Wigant (),

Up n Down!
'Jonah proved you can't keep a good man down'

Submitted by Sandra Blair (24), London

"Life is a sandwich, and its always lunchtime!"
Submitted by 'Hurricane' Bob (), Pacific Islands

Wall Graffiti
People who throw their weight around rarely pull it!

Submitted by Gary Clarke (19),

"The New Year is around the corner.
Handle with Prayer.."

Submitted by Saurabh Tibrewal (15), Begusarai, Barauni

SMS Graffiti
The curse of being the last one at the party is paying the check.

Submitted by Sean Hayek (), via SMS, Louisianna

"Life is everlasting, but Death is inevitable."
Submitted by Matthew Firth (),

Love & Friendship
"Love is friendship, but friendship is not love."

Submitted by Kevin Bhuva (),

"If at first u don't suceed, loosing may just be your style!"
Submitted by Shussainry (), U.K.

"A poor report card has one good thing in its favour. At least you know the student is not cheating!"
Submitted by Meenakshi Abraham (16), Pennysilvania

"If Love is blind, why is lingerie so popular!"
Submitted by Anonymous 'Veda Guru' (),

"Lean on your family tree and you'll never get out of th woods."
Submitted by Derek (28),

"Without a happy frame of mind, you can't be the picture of health"
Submitted by Gary Holyfield (),

"Ulcers come from mountain-climbing over mole hills."

"Plastic Surgeons are judged by face value"

Submitted by Lara Holy Valance (24), NewZealand

Love at first site - Romance on the internet

Lock jaw wouldn't be bad but theright people never get it.

Nothing brings a man to his knees faster than a contact lens.

Submitted by 'Jessica Alba' Blendel (19),

Its better to let people think your an idot,
Then to open your mouth and prove it..........

Submitted by Pooooortoerican (),

Submitted by Dennis James (), Emea Voice, DELL International Services

Best Friends are like four-leaf clovers; hard to find but lucky to have!
Submitted by 'Hockey' (), USA

Coffee, Chocolate, Men
Some things are just better rich.

Submitted by Gogokel,

"If Love is blind, why is lingerie so popular!"
Contributed by Anonymous 'Veda Guru' (),

There's nothing so bad as a little knowledge that you think your spouse dosen't know about!

Submitted by Joe Berett, Toronto

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