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Love is the power of the heart
and love can never break apart
i know what love is
and its all because of you
i finally realize
i have a case of the love flu
if our love ever dies
i will have a river uf tears in my eyes
but please remember all the good times we've had
and don't reminisce just on the bad
Love is the power of the soul
you are the half that made me whole
WE hardly get to see each other
and its letting us drift
your love to me was a wonderful gift
i would be lying if i said its all good
because soon there will be nothing
by my side where you stood
now there IS nothing
just an empty space
and all that has happened, blew up in my face
now you are gone
theres nothing i can do
there will never again
be love between me and you
you would call me sugar plum
you would call me pooh bear
but you didn't trust me
you had no care
I hung out with other boys that were friends
So, whats the big deal
there were no feelings for them
my love for you was too real
you were the talk of the day between me and my friends
i wanted to be by you till the very end
but i guess your feelings for me were not the same
now i'm walking down the hall of shame
my feelings for you still havn't died
even after all those long days i cried
i neverlistened till what i heard about you
untill i heard this which i thought may be true
i said you could trust me
that you didn't beleive
so you told your friends
you were deciding to leave
in me you can trust
over and over again
i said with lust
Put me to the test if you must
because my love for you will never fail
through rain or sleet or snow or hail
our relationship will have its bad weather
but i don't care
cuz all i wanted was for us to be together!

Poetry by Holly Kowal
Poem Submitted by Holly Kowal (), USA

You dumped me like a fool
you think your so cool
but your not
this may sound young and dumb
but i was hoping to spend the rest of my life with you
you may not think this is true but it is
you swore to god you would never do that
you lied
and now you wanna die
and u should
it takes two to two-time
and to make matters worse, with my best enemy!?
Your so cruel
i thought you were different
but your still gay
to love you again....there is no way
you were my love
or so i thought
but you gave your love to someone else
and now they must suffer
i wanna kill her
but i won't
i'll just hurt her
the way you hurt me
you took my heart
and shattered it into pieces on the floor
i hate you so much
i wanna die
you ruined my life
go to hell
and believe me i will tell everything you did
go out with that ho all you want
but i just want you to know
ya had to stoop really low to get what you want
i make one mistake
and its the end of the world
i could have been your number one girl
but you wouldn't give me another chance
i made so many sacrifices to be with you
you said you loved me, but thats a lie
i can tell by the things you do
i just realized that i can do so much better than you
you have become
skum to me
i have no guilt can't you see?
you made the mistake
maybe you can do better than me....but don't do worse
you think you love her but deep down you don't
i call this the love curse
i let you do all those things
and you repay me like this
to forgive you
it used to take one kiss
but in this case
thats all it took
for you to ace this place
you fill me up with all your crap and lies
i used to see love in your eyes
but now i see insanity and evil
but everything i saw was just an act
you are full of so much bull its unbelievable!
you will regret what you have done
you lost so much
but i'm stronger now
i don't need your touch
i'm a fighter
i'm a big girl
i can handle myself
don't think i will forget what you did
i hope you hate
the big mistake you made
this chance to tell you how i feel
is an honor
now please give me time
while i go ponder....
he made the mistake......but he broke up with me
you only did this so you wouldn't get dumped
but your soon to be girlfriend is about to be jumped
maybe not for real
but in her mind she should get
after this i have one more thing to say
to hell with you, and have a nice day

Poetry by Holly Kowal
Poem Submitted by Holly Kowal (), USA

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