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Dosti (( Her ) Friendship )
Teri dosti ne gum diye itne,
teri ruswayi ne na diye hon kabhi jitne,
Is dar par se jo kafila hamara nikle to,
Bus utne hi rona, dil bekaboo hon jinke.

Poetry by : Anshuman Misra
Poem Submitted by Anshuman Misra (), 9818552090

AaNkH kHuLi To PhiR ...
Aankh khuli to phir khwaab chale gaye
jii behlane ke saare bahaane chale gaye

yaad rehta nahi kuch bhi yaad kiye bina
yaadoN me khokar jeene ke sahare chale gaye

gham bhi gaya, khushiyaN bhi gaye
ek ek karke sab yaar chale gaye

har tasawwur me dekha tere chehre ko
har shaks ko khuda banakar chale gaye

chupaya na jaye logoN se meri dil ki raghbat
teri furqat ke sholay ragoN me chupakar chale gaye

sirf dil hi tha tera sabse bada khazaana 'jags'
phir kyun usey ek ajnabee pe lutakar chale gaye

Poetry by : SimiBal
Poem Submitted by SimiBal (), USA

Pawitr Rishta (Pure Relationship)
Jab hum is duniya mein aate hai,
Toh kitne rishtey saath laatey hai.
Duniya mein aane ne baad hum,
Kitne naye rishtey baanthe hai.
Magar in rishto mein se sirf,
woh pyaar ka pawitr rishta hai,
Jo hum marte dum tak nibhaate hain.

Poetry by : Ronil Rahul Anuj
Poem Submitted by Ronil Rahul Anuj (),

Dupatta laal chunari kaa,
Lipat kar tujh se rehataa hai,
Meri pyaasi nigaaho.n par,
hameshaa hansataa rehataa hai.

Kabhi udataa hawaao.n main,
Simatataa teri baahon main
Kabhi kaandhe pe bekaaboo,
Sirakataa firataa rehataa hai.

Tere kaanon main kehataa kuchh,
Ya seene se lagaa rehataa,
Teri dhakan ko gin gin kar,
Yeh uthataa girataa rehataa hai.

Kabhi teri kamar isski,
Girafton main bandhi rehati,
Kabhi yeh peeth par kaafir,
Khisakataa khinchataa rehataa hai.

Kabhi paunchhe paseene ko,
Kabhi dhakataa hai soorat ko,
Kabho gaalon ko choota hai,
Kabhi munh lag ke rehataa hai

Kabhi kaaleen ban jaataa,
Kabhi godi mai.n sota hai,
Tere haathon ko sehlaataa,
Satataa mujhko rehataa hai

Isse sar na chadhao tum,
Dupatta hai meraa dushman,
Hamaare darmiyaan har dam,
Kyon yeh besharm rehataa hai.

Poetry by : Raj
Poem Submitted by Raj (),

dhan se na paya koi roop se na paya
anmol ratan hei woh koi mol na lagaya

yun lutata gaya koi dil mei chhupata gaya
amir mehel ka kabhi fakir se haath milaya

dil mei dard kabhi ankhon mei nasha
hoton mei pyaar lekin baton se kare ghussa

ye hei dil ka ranjha koi sharabi ka nasha
mohabbat hei naam iska.................
yaaron ko jo banaye BADSHAH!!!!

Poetry by : Mast Shayar
Poem Submitted by Mast Shayar (), U.K.

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