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Brave enough
I look back and remember
When school started in September
How the most popular girl in school welcomed me
Made me feel that I belonged.

Jealous people
Made me feel special
Followed by the forces of peer pressure
Trying to suck me in
And little by little they began to win.

I tried to be nice to those without friends
But I always left them behind in the end
I guess I wasn't brave enough.

In order to fit in
I would often swear
I got so used to it
Soon I didn't care
I didn't notice what was happening around me.

I was smart
I knew I was
But I pretended the opposite
And all because
Being smart just wasn't "in"
Homework began to pile up
I had to learn to swim
Through the upset teachers waiting in the hall
I'd ditch class to go to the mall
That girl just wasn't me at all.

I snuck makeup into school
My face was caked
My natural look was turning fake
I guess I wasn't brave enough.

There was a girl in class
Whose name I will not tell
But in her jealousy she would say rotten things
Claiming in the end
All was well.

One day I got tired of it
Mentioned it to my friends
They had her cornered in the hall
Before you could say
"That's the End."

They swore at her
Threatened her
There must have been 5 or 6
I admit it was unfair
Quite a rotten trick.

They left her alone
Did nothing
She came to apologize
"I'm sorry I said all those things,
They really were all lies!"

In one evil moment I mocked her
Made fun of her
And laughed
And under my influence
Laughter rippled through the class.

She ran out
Never returned
"Switched schools"
In one rumour I heard
I wanted to break down and cry.

Soon afterwards I dropped the popular crowd
Hung out where no one would bring me down
It felt good to finally be myself
But I kept thinking of somebody else.

That girl
Became a model
Which she still does today
Hosting award shows and infomercials
She's all work no play.

At the events I can see the popular crowd up front
And wait for an invitation in the mail
But one never comes
And despite all of her happiness
There is a hint of sadness
You can sense it in her eyes
It never fails.

I don't think she'll ever forgive me
The way she did everyone else
I took something away from her
Though heaven tell me what.

So learn something from this story
apply it in your lives
Never be a sell-out
And always do things right
I'll never lose the guilt of that day
Everytime I see her face
A part of me fades away
As though as if to say:
I guess I wasn't brave enough.

Poetry by Colette MacDonald
Poem Submitted by Colette MacDonald,(13),canada

Remember love
Remember love through the wild rose
and your pleasures,
Free of anger and pain is how love seems,
Remember love though behind a wall of disguises,
It sometimes causes anger and pain.

Poetry by unknown
Poem Submitted by Unknown

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