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Understand Your Gujju Friend - When they say: They mean:
Even if you know a smattering of gujarati you will enjoy these. Needless to say that I loved them since I speak fluent gujarati.....

Q: How do Gujju's pronounce the word 'fatigue'?
A: Faa-tee-gee-u!

Q: What do you call a Gujju with no knees?
A: Knee-less (Nilesh)

Q: What do you call an impotent Gujju?

A: Kamlesh (cum less)
Q: What did a Gujju say when a raw mango fell on doctor's head.

A: Carry (Keri) on Doctor.

Q: Why did Bill Clinton have the Gujju beaten up?

A: The Gujju told Clinton: "You are a very IMPOTENT (important) man"

Q: Why won't the Gujju jeweler sell anything to the UP bhaiya?
A: The bhayiya kept giving Gujju a bunch of hair each time the Gujju asked for kesh (cash).

Q: What will a Gujju tell a tomato, coming last in a tomato race?
A: Tomato ketchup (catch-up).

Q: Why did the Gujju go to Rome ?
A: He wanted to listen to Pope (pop) music.

Q: Why did Gujju touch Pope's feet ?
A: To feel the Pope corn (pop-corn).

Q: What did the Gujju mean when he said, "Ramesh no dikro States ma gayo?
A: Ramesh's son failed in statistics.

Q: Why was the Gujju stacking up 1 cent coins on the day before exams?
A: He wanted to get "cent-par-cent" .

Q: What did the Gujju have in the morning?
A: Light snakes (snacks) for breakfast.

Q: What did the Gujju say to the singing prostitute?
A: You are going from bed (bad) to verse (worse).

Q: A Gujju started putting two locks on his door after seeing this Hindi movie.
A: "Lok Parlok"

Q: Why did the Gujju think Gandhi's role was enacted by a woman in the film "Gandhi"?
A: He thought Ben Kingsley a woman.

Ethnic Gujarati Joke Submitted by Radhey Krishna Brijwasi (25), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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