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Home Kitchen Beauty Receipes Care Tips
Grandma's Skin Care : Kitchen Cosmetic Recipes

Soft and Supple Skin
Scrub your skin with one teaspoon of walnut powder, honey and lemon juice.
Great way to have a super soft and supple skin.

Advice by
Tip / Remedy @ Home Submitted by Diksha 'Sherry' (21), Valley Heights

Remedy for a glowing skin in 15 mins
Rub a piece of papaya to face and neck till 15 mins and feel the difference on the tip of ur fingers
The best way for a golden glow in minutes
2 tbsp orange juice
2tbsp turmeric powder
Mix well n use it as a scrub to face n neck for a golden glow.
Leave on for 15-20 mins n wash off with water

Advice by Shameem Galar
Tip / Remedy @ Home Submitted by Shameem Galar (),

Skin Treatment with Tomatoes!
Tomatoes are slightly acidic in nature and contain potassium and Vitamin C. Tomatoes are excellent for oily skins and help the skin feel cleaner and tighter, as well as reduce open pores and blackheads.
Cut the tomato in half and rub on the skin. Leave on for at least fifteen minutes to let the skin feed on the juice,so that it saturates into the pores. Wash off with water.

Advice by 'Tips For Me'
Tip / Remedy @ Home Submitted by Ruby Agarwal (25), Kolkata, India

Sun Damaged Skin!
If you have overexposed yourself to sun, to soothe your skin,
take a lukewarm bath with 5-6 drops of Camomile Essence diluted in a tablespoon of Carrier Oil.
Repeat this at intervals of a few hours until the burning subsides.

Advice by S T Dewan
Tip / Remedy @ Home Submitted by L Karen,

Smoother Skin with Cabbage
Cabbage is rich in minerals and vitamins.
Next time you are boiling cabbage, dont throw away the left over water. Wash your face with this water and you will feel your skin growing smoother.

Advice by Tips-n-Toes
Tip / Remedy @ Home Submitted by Antara Arora Mali (32), Connecticut, USA

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